Application Instructions & Care

Application Instructions:

We offer both Low and High Heat transfers.  Low Heat are indicated by LH on your invoice and on the site.  High Heat are indicated by HH on the invoice and on the site.

YOU MUST HAVE A HEAT PRESS!  An iron or Easy Press will not work due to the high heat and extreme pressure needed to apply our designs.

We do not recommend the use of Teflon sheets or parchment paper.  Using such can reduce the actual temperature of heat that is applied during pressing.

Pressure is a MUST with our transfers.  Inadequate pressure can result in peeling/lifting/cracking of the transfer.  Each press is different so please adjust your press accordingly.

We suggest pre-pressing your item for a quick 5-7 seconds to remove any moisture in the item.

Low Heat Instructions:

  • Press for 7-10 seconds at 325-335 with no Teflon sheet with HEAVY pressure.  Hot Peel slowly.

High Heat Instructions:

  • Press for 7-10 seconds at 375 with not Teflon sheet.  Presses under $500 may require a temperature of 5-10 degrees higher.  Pressure needs to be HEAVY.
  • Hot peel very slowly and if the paper does not peel away freely, put the paper back down and press for an additional 5 seconds.

Washing Instructions:

  • Do not wash or dry for at least 24 hours after pressing.
  • Turn garment inside out.
  • Machine wash cold, regular or gentle cycle.
  • Hand to dry or tumble dry on low heat.
  • Do not use Bleach.
  • Do not use Fabric Softener.
  • Do not Iron on or around image.
  • Do not dry clean.