Thank you so much for stopping by! 840 Designs is a screen print and direct to film (DTF) company focusing on rural themed designs with some faith and awareness mixed in.

Currently, all of our designs are available on a pre-order basis only. Orders placed 12:00 am Monday through 11:59 pm Sunday (central time) will be processed and sent to the printer on Monday.

Expected TAT's are as follows:

DTF - 7-10 business days.

Screen Print Transfers - 10 business days.

Both of these TAT's are in place to protect myself and you in the event life rolls our way. If you have questions regarding these, please contact me prior to ordering.

Make sure you request to join the Facebook group and answer all the questions so you don't miss out on anything new and exciting!

Tessa 💜

Since cancer has affected our family directly, I've felt a drawing to help in any way I can, to bring awareness to not only cancer, but other medical illnesses as well. Each month there will be a series of designs featured for awareness movements which coordinate with that specific month. Sales from designs in these specific collections will be donated to the indicated cause listed . I encourage you to think about how you can utilize these designs in your business and help bring awareness to many diseases and causes that are in desperate need.

  • Turn Around Time

    Currently all designs are Pre-Orders unless noted. Pre-Orders are closed on Sunday's with designs going to the printer on Monday's. Turn Around Times start on the Monday AFTER your order is placed and have a 5-7 business day ship time.

    If you have any questions regarding this TAT, please send an email to tessa@840designs.com.

  • Hours

    Correspondance Hours:

    Monday - Friday

    5:00pm - 7:00pm

    Please allow some grace with immediate response even during these hours. Ranch life is unpredictable!

  • Contact

    Preferred method of contact is via email at tessa@840designs.com

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